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Charts are now available for all of Oz Noy’s albums! These are the original hand-written charts that Oz wrote for the band prior to recording. All charts have been and continue to be used by Oz’s band.

*Please note: these charts do NOT include guitar parts. They are basic charts for all instruments with chords, some bass lines, and rhythm hits.

IMPORTANT: please allow up to 24 hours for digital delivery of your chart. A YouSendIt link will be sent to you after your payment clears. The link will be valid for two weeks. Thank you!

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Snapdragon Charts-Oz Noy


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$20 (CHARTS)


Who Gives A Funk

$20 (CHARTS)


Twisted Blues Vol. 2

$20 (CHARTS)


Twisted Blues Vol. 1

$20 (CHARTS)



$20 (CHARTS)



$20 (CHARTS)



$20 (CHARTS)



$20 (CHARTS)

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Oz Book

Oz Noy

Discover Oz Noy’s Outside Guitar Soloing for Rock, Jazz, Blues & Fusion

“One mark of a great guitarist is their ability to use notes from outsidethe key to take you on a melodic journey…”

As one of the world’s most innovative guitar players, Oz Noy’s dynamic and dazzling soloing has had a global impact on the guitar community. He has pushed the boundaries of rock, jazz, and blues, seamlessly fusing ideas from all genres to create a unique and compelling voice.

Oz’s groundbreaking guitar method, Inside Outside Guitar Soloing takes a deep dive into his melodic concepts, as he teaches how to move seamlessly from “regular” inside soloing, to adding exciting outside concepts.


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Oz Noy’s Twisted Guitar: Blues Rhythm
Key Concepts for Modern Blues Rhythm Guitar


Oz Noy’s Twisted Guitar: Blues Soloing
Creative and Harmonic Concepts for Modern Blues Soloing


Oz Noy (Effects on the Gig) 1
In part one (1 of 3) of this “Effects on the Gig” guitar lesson, acclaimed guitarist Oz Noy shows you how to get an arsenal of great sounds both live and in the studio.


Oz Noy (Unlocking the Neck) 1
Acclaimed guitarist Oz Noy shows you how to open up all the directions of your fretboard so that you can realize your true improvising potential.


oz-noy-guitar-lesson-1-blues-bends-beyondOz Noy (Blues, Bends & Beyond) 1
In part one (1 of 2) of this “Blues, Bends & Beyond” guitar lesson, acclaimed guitarist Oz Noy shows you his systematic approach to mastering bends and pentatonics all over the neck. Oz discusses and demonstrates the 5 pentatonic scale positions, bending points, adding extra notes and more. If you want to explore the full potential of pentatonic scales and bending on the guitar, this guitar lesson is for you.


essentials-funk-rhythm-guitarOz Noy’s Essentials: Funk Rhythm Guitar
11 Performance Studies, each one inspired by a well-known funk song and groove. Many of the studies feature two guitar parts, which is also very typical of funk grooves.


oz-noy-improv-wizardOz Noy’s Improv Wizard
Follow the yellow brick road of bandstands from Israel to the Big Apple with a soundtrack pinched from recording sessions and performances from a star-studded variety of today’s top cats in the modern jazz, blues and funk scene.


oz-noy-improv-dvd-front-cover-266x373DVD 1 – Guitar Improvisation Workout
a 2.5 hour guitar lesson with Oz explaining his approach to the instrument. Features performances with his band and includes charts and a play-along.


oz-noy-play-along-dvd-front-cover-266x373DVD 2 – Play-Along Workout
Oz explains how he composed four of his compositions. Also features performances with his band, and includes charts and a play-along.



Dave Weckl Singles Project –

Oz has released a new version of his song “Just Groove Me” featuring Will Lee (bass) and Dave Weckl (drums). This song is available with charts for each instrument, a play-along version with the instrument removed, and a video of Dave Weckl performing the song on drums (drum package only).
Click here to learn more and purchase from Dave Weckl’s Web site.

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Looni Tooni // Oz Playlist
  1. Looni Tooni // Oz Playlist
  2. Chocolate Souffle // Booga Looga Loo
  3. Chase the Clouds // Ozone Squeeze - Ozone Squeeze
  4. Come On (Feat. Fred Wesley) // Oz Noy - Who Gives A Funk
  5. You Dig feat Greg Leisz // Oz Noy - Twisted Blues Vol. 2
  6. Whole Tone Blues // Oz Noy - Twisted Blues Vol. 1
  7. Twice In a While // Oz Noy - Schizophrenic
  8. Cosmic Background // Oz Noy - Fuzzy
  9. Say What! // Oz Noy - HA!
  10. Hey You // Oz Noy - HA!