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Triple Play

The new album features Noy alongside bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Dennis Chambers, recorded live in concert. For the tenth album to bear his name, guitarist and bandleader Oz Noy opted for the most demanding possible context: An absolutely unvarnished concert recording, capturing his trio with virtuosi Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Dennis Chambers (drums) without the benefit of overdubs or post-production sweetening. Triple Play, released on October 27, 2023 by Abstract Logix, was recorded over two evenings at Stages Music Arts –a performance space, recording studio, and educational facility in Maryland where both Noy and Chambers have conducted masterclasses. “We’d done a few tours,” Noy explains from New York City, his home base since relocating from his native Israel in 1996. “The band was sounding so good, I wanted to record it.”

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Oz is available to record guitar tracks for musicians and producers all over the world. He can also arrange and produce tracks in his state-of-the art home studio in New York City.

Click here to tell him about your project and Oz will follow up with you.

Private Lessons

Oz is available for private guitar lessons at his New York City studio, or by Skype. Oz works with guitarists of all ages, but requests that students be “intermediate” or better in terms of their current development.

Click here to inquire about lessons with Oz.

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