Oz Noy (Twisted Guitar Blues Rhythm)

Oz Noy (Twisted Guitar Blues Soloing)

Oz Noy (Effects on the Gig)


Oz Noy (Blues, Bends & Beyond) 1


Oz Noy’s Essentials: Funk Rhythm Guitar


Oz Noy’s Improv Wizard


Oz Noy (Unlocking the Neck) 1

Oz Noy “Steroids” Introduction Funk Guitar Play-Along: Video Excerpt from JazzHeaven.com

Oz Noy on Jazz Guitar Blues: Guitar Lesson in Minor Pentatonic Guitar Improvisation Workout from JazzHeaven

Get Down(Guitar Solo)

Transcriptions Downloads

Which Way Is Up (Head & Solo)– View PDF

Steroids- Live(Guitar Solo) View PDF

Get Down(Head) – View PDF

Rumba Thumba(Head)- View PDF

Rumba Thumba(Guitar Solo):View PDF

Freedom Jazz Dance – View PDF

Get Down – View PDF

Twice In A While – Guitar Solo with Tabs PDF

Hey You (Guitar Solo) – View PDF

Ice Pick (Head) – View PDF

Ice Pick (Guitar Solo) – View PDF

Just Groove Me (Head) – View PDF

Schizophrenic (Guitar Solo) – View PDF

Schizophrenic (Lesson) – View PDF

Seven (Guitar Solo) – View PDF

Twice in a While (Guitar Solo) – View PDF

Oz Noy “Schizophrenic” Solo Examples GP 04-12 – Web Link

Soloing in the Oz Noy Style – Web Link

GP Magazine Master Class 2006 – View PDF

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Looni Tooni // Oz Playlist
  1. Looni Tooni // Oz Playlist
  2. Chocolate Souffle // Booga Looga Loo
  3. Chase the Clouds // Ozone Squeeze - Ozone Squeeze
  4. Come On (Feat. Fred Wesley) // Oz Noy - Who Gives A Funk
  5. You Dig feat Greg Leisz // Oz Noy - Twisted Blues Vol. 2
  6. Whole Tone Blues // Oz Noy - Twisted Blues Vol. 1
  7. Twice In a While // Oz Noy - Schizophrenic
  8. Cosmic Background // Oz Noy - Fuzzy
  9. Say What! // Oz Noy - HA!
  10. Hey You // Oz Noy - HA!